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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Committed Murder

Last night, I dreamed that I was playing a game, but it was deadly.  My team against theirs, and the goal was to survive.  We had grenades, shotguns, rifles, automatics... And we used them.  I knifed one guy, who was about to kill my teammate.  There was also a girl on the other team, but I liked her, as a person.  I didn't want to kill her.  So when I came across her, I just threw my gun at her.  She pointed her shotgun at me, and I said, "I could have killed you, but I didn't.  So run!"  And she ran, leaving me on my knees in the dirt. 
Sometime later, she joined up with us, and I was protecting her, when one of her teammates from the other side snuck up behind one of ours and was going to knife his throat.  I grabbed her sniper rifle, aimed down the sight and fired, blowing the guy backward.  They both collapsed onto the ground.  But my shot was poor, because the other guy sat back up, so, again, I aimed down the sight, and this time, I aimed for this forehead and fired.  And I killed him. 
He was the last kill and we stood around looking at each other when I realized we could be brought up on murder charges.  My teammates wanted me to get rid of my guns, but I was afraid to, because my fingerprints were all over them. 
I ended up throwing down the guns I had and running with them anyway.  As the sirens blared louder, coming closer to the arena.


  1. I am going to follow this blog as well as your main blog. I am extremely fascinated by dreams and dream life. I used to keep a regular dream journal years ago. Now I still write down dreams if I remember to and they are particularly standoutish. I have posted a few of my dreams on my blog.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Thanks, Lee! I love dreams, even when they are weird in freaky. It's interesting how the mind works when in deep sleep.



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My name is Jennifer and this is my dream diary. You'll probably think my dreams are weird; I know I do! I have been having very vivid, clear dreams my entire life, some which I still remember from when I was a child. I always dream in color, and frequently, though I don't update this blog as frequently as I'd like to.

Of note: I suffer from very mild depression and anxiety disorder, so I'm sure both have a lot to do with that, especially the latter. Death or near-death appears to be a common theme.

I hope if you take the time to read this, you find it interesting at least. I decided to begin documenting my dreams to figure out why I remember them with such clarity and others do not. Please feel free to comment and leave feedback!