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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Was Fired

Last night, I dreamed that I was fired and the Monday after, I completely forgot and showed up for work anyway.  I stood in the hallway outside our office suite and couldn't find my access card.  My former boss and colleague just stood there, looking at me like I was crazy.  Then I remembered, as I was digging through my purse, that I didn't HAVE an access card any longer, so I stepped aside and let them in.  And I stood outside the doors, peering in through the glass to a world in which I no longer belonged.  The elevator doors opened behind me and I turned to look at them as I stood there, and I knew I had to get on them, and they'd carry me away from this place and I would never be coming back.


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My name is Jennifer and this is my dream diary. You'll probably think my dreams are weird; I know I do! I have been having very vivid, clear dreams my entire life, some which I still remember from when I was a child. I always dream in color, and frequently, though I don't update this blog as frequently as I'd like to.

Of note: I suffer from very mild depression and anxiety disorder, so I'm sure both have a lot to do with that, especially the latter. Death or near-death appears to be a common theme.

I hope if you take the time to read this, you find it interesting at least. I decided to begin documenting my dreams to figure out why I remember them with such clarity and others do not. Please feel free to comment and leave feedback!